10 reasons why you should buy artificial flowers

I know what you are thinking, "why not just buy fresh flowers?" Well here are a few reasons why artificial flowers are great.

1. They look just like real flowers but are low maintenance.

2. If you clean them properly they will continue to look great for years!

3. They do not require watering which is great for those who were not blessed with a green thumb

4. You can have your favourite flower at any time of year.

5. You can match the flower arrangement to compliment your interior decor.

6. If you get bored of them you can reuse your artificial flowers to make other arrangements

7. You can use them in seasonal decorations and tablescapes

8. You can keep the real flowers outside to help the bee populations

9. They can be scented. Seren and Belle's scent is liquid free too so you do not have to worry about fragrance oils damaging fabrics or polished surfaces.

10. You do have to worry about allergies.

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