A faux flower arrangement for all seasons

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

Faux flowers are great because they last for years with minimal maintenance and with a few little tweaks you can easily make your arrangement transition through the seasons.

Let's take this faux velvet rose topiary........

This could make a great Halloween decoration as it has a gothic style. Beautiful on its own or you could add some spider webs or black netting or even add little spiders all over the vase.

To transition into winter and Christmas why not wrap some battery led fairy lights around the stem and into the vase. It would make a great 'alternative' Christmas tree/decoration.

This arrangement was practically made for Valentines Day. The six roses which in Victorian floriography meant "I want to be yours" are a lovely way to show your love. You could add a ribbon or bow or why not fill the vase with your sweethearts favourite chocolate or candies. If you really want to woo them why not fill it with love note filled fortune cookies?

To transition into summer you could add your favourite scented bag from Seren and Belle to create a beautiful fragrance in your home. Would you go traditional with a rose scent or would you opt for something a little bit different?

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